Conference Planning Simplified

Earlier this year, we announced that we’re working on a new product to help conference organizers. After talking to ~50 organizers in the past few months, we’re starting to see the patterns:

  • Conferences are important places for people to learn, cross-pollinate, and launch products

  • We as organizers have several chaotic months leading up to our events

  • We’re coordinating all the small details with vendors, dealing with scheduling changes till the last minute, and making sure all our signage gets proofed before sending it to the printers

With tight budgets & not enough clones of ourselves, we can’t be wasting time just getting the basics done. At SlidesUp, we think we can use technology to give you planning superpowers. ⚡

No more spreadsheets–our beta is now available

Today we’re opening up our beta to SlidesUp Agenda. Exclusive for the Product Hunt community, we’re offering special pilot pricing to help you plan what’s happening at your conference.

Subscribe to be in our beta here:

Agenda can be used to track all the details about your events–speakers, venues, and tracks. The best part? No more spreadsheets and duplication across tools. Once you plan with SlidesUp, everything gets updated and you can move on to more pressing matters!

Once you plan in SlidesUp, it’s easy to publish content to your conference site. Here’s an example.

What will you use SlidesUp for?

We’re excited to see what you do with the platform and we’re eager to help you simplify planning. We want to help people cross-pollinate ideas and drive our society forward. Join the planning revolution.